gel couture enchanted collection

gel couture enchanted collection

welcome to happily ever after in these magical longwear shades.


welcome to happily ever after.

only essie could dream up a fairytale world with princess charming that comes to life in the new gel couture enchanted collection.  these fantastical longwear shades are sure to cast a spell on you. 


step 1:  apply two coats of gel couture colour.


step 2:  apply gel couture top coat for gel-like shine.


princess charming princess charming gel couture by essie princess charming a longwear, rose mauve accented with subtle nutmeg. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture colour. step 2: apply gel couture top coat. view details

run away to the magical world of couture and experience a once upon a time fairytale. from the moment you slip on these longwear colours, you will feel like a daring damsel. from dawn to dusk become spellbound by the enchanted world, where princess charming is always wished good knight with a kiss. with our gel couture enchanted collection everything feels like a matter of fiction.