Nail art studio Jelly gloss

meet essie jelly gloss nail polish: a sheer, yet buildable jelly gloss finish designed for layers of nail art fun. get the jelly nail look easily at home.

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Nail art studio special effects

from chrome at home to pixel pearls, transform any mani into a hi-beam dream with our 9 new show-stopping special effects.

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Spring pink nail color - Essie

feel the fizzle

six bright shades meant to stimulate your senses for the perfect self-care day.

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LOVE by essie

Our first 80% plant-based nail polish

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gel couture matte top coat

a new matte top coat that locks in color and locks out shine for a velvety soft finish that lasts

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gel couture pattern play 2022

three new longwear shades inspired by the bold details in classic 70s patterns

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