nail art

rock it in geode nail art

discover a hidden gem with this geode-inspired nail art design using a rainbow of purples and blues with a touch of glitter.


step 1: hydrate with apricot oil.

step 2: clean then prep nails with your favorite essie base coat.

step 3: polish the nail with two coats of bikini so teeny.

step 4: using a liner brush dipped in no more film, draw an ""c"" shape around the outer side of the nail. pro tip: roll the brush in your fingers while drawing so the lines have a more natural curve.

step 5: repeat using pret-a-surfer and jamaica me crazy as you work towards the center of the ""c"" shape. allow for some of the bikini so teeny to peek through.

step 6: repeat the order of colours again until you reach the center of the ""c"".

step 7: using no place like chrome, fill in the open space. let it dry and dot with a layer of set in stones.

step 8: top with a coat of essie gel•setter™.

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