inspired by a dreamy first date in a romantic rowboat for two, essie proudly introduces the permanent swoon in the lagoon 2022 collection. this nine-shade range offers a calming balance of natural tones and mood-boosting brights that allow you to blossoms n' besties effortlessly.
swoon in the lagoon swoon in the lagoon enamel swoon in the lagoon A mid-tone magenta nail polish with blue undertones and a full coverage gloss finish view details boatloads of love boatloads of love enamel boatloads of love An off-white nail polish with refined blue pearls and a full coverage gloss finish view details

step into a romantic boat for two, i’m ready to swoon in the lagoon with you! blossoms n' besties as you sway with the willow in the wind. you’re feeling boatloads of love as you row with the flow passing bobbing frilly lilies. when you ripple reflect on this first date fate, you realize you’re completely at ease with the breeze... will you entertain a big kiss in a small pond? it’s all oar nothing and you know there’s a natural connection so trust your heart to navigate in the right direction!