zest has yet to come-enamel-Nail Color-01-Essiezest has yet to come-enamel-Nail Color-01-Essie enamel

zest has yet to come

introducing the new essie limited edition summer 2021 collection.  imagine the Italian coast has you sipping a tangy drink and boldly calling over a handsome limon-fellow. six summery shades with saturated and punchy bright nail polishes to capture a craving for colour and summertime cheer. you’ll want to flirt with each one of them. sweet with a little bit of sass, these bold look-at-me nail polishes leave you feelin’ just lime. from an eye-catching electric pink called pucker up, to a warm and saturated blue like juicy details, you’ll get your grove on with this carefree summer 2021 collection that’s full of zest.

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you know the espadrille enamel you know the espadrille