nail art

steel the show

steel the show - Nail Art Design  - Essie Nail Polish Looks

be unforgettable in this hypnotic chrome honeycomb manicure holds every gaze in rapt attention.
step 1: clean and shape nails.
step 2: select the correct strip size for each nail.
step 3: peel sticker away from the protective film and press onto the nail.
step 4: fold excess material down over the nail edge and file off excess with enclosed file.
step 5: shine + seal with an essie top coat, making sure to cap the free edge of the nail.

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stickers &amp; stone - Nail Art Design  - Essie Nail Polish Looks

nail art

stickers & stone

bubbly cabochons over adorable angora pewter are the positively intoxicating life of this manicure party. cheers!

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