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pretty bias

Pretty Bias - Metallic Diagonal Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

rise to the top in this daring, dazzling, opulent deep green styled with a bias cut accent of scintillating olive.
step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nail with an essie base coat or treatment.
step 3: apply two coats of for the twill of it. let dry.
step 4: using stylenomics, brush on a diagonal line from the right to the upper left of the nail. fill in to the free edge of the nail. apply a second coat if needed. let dry.
step 5: shine + seal with an essie top coat.

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Racy Stripes - Purple Stripe Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

nail art

racy stripes

keep it simple, keep it chic. in two shades of purple this bold, minimalist stripe is all the embellishment you need.

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