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look haute on the high seas with this nautical themed nail art.
Step 1. hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
Step 2. clean then prep nail with an essie base coat or treatment.
Step 3. apply 2 coats of blanc to all nails and allow to dry.
Step 4. for pinky nails, dip your bobby pin (or dotting tool) into midnight cami and create polka dots.
Step 5. on middle fingers, apply midnight cami diagonally halfway down the nail..
Step 6. on index fingers, draw a diagonal stripe with clambake and another going up creating a ā€œVā€ shape on the right side of nails. once dry, add a vertical stripe of midnight cami to the left sides
Step 7. on thumbs, paint a coat of midnight cami, add white polka dots with blanc by dipping bobby pin (or dotting tool) into the bottle.
Step 8. shine + seal with an essie top coat.

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nail art

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